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, incidents or even schools. however, we have been informed that at least one parent, ladonna williams, has filed a lawsuit against the district. >> these are public schools. there's public funding. shouldn't there be public information coming out? that's my first concern. second is how does this school district compare with others in the bay area? >> we do know from the police department that the police responded 1,300 calls to the vallejo schools in the past year. we looked up a california healthy kids survey. it showed 52% of middle school students in vallejo say they've been physically assaulted at least once in the last year and the statewide average is 44%. >> parents doing the right thing. they go to the school district. they go to the superintendent. they feel like they're not getting heard. they're not getting answers or response. >> stay with it. let us know what's going on. >> we will. >>> we turn now to contra costa county, a man sitting in his apartment found himself in a life and death struggle with a burglar. cbs5 reporter kristen ay
that information, we're going to deal with that appropriately. >> reporter: but ladonna williams says the district did see the video of her daughter's brutal beating and still did nothing about it. meanwhile, eight months after that attack, her daughter still has to take medication for her concussion. and even though she left hogan she still lives in fear. >> i want parents to understand that when something like this happens, your safety and your sense of well-being are forever shattered. >> the vallejo district wouldn't talk about any specific students, incidents or even schools. however, at least one parent ladonna williams has filed a lawsuit against the district and is speaking out at tonight's school board meeting. we are going to have that at 11. >>> it's like a tombstone. you don't take a tombstone. >> it's a slap in the face for this north bay town. the precious piece of history taken by thieves. >> hotrods and classing cars, where bay area auto buffs can drool over the coolest rides around. distress: someone stole a memorial plaque honoring
finally got the chance to talk. >> you guys are in denial. >> reporter: ladonna williams says her daughter's brutal beating at hogan middle school caught on cell phone video wasn't taken seriously. in an interview with cbs 5, the district even suggested such cell phone attacks are staged. >> usually almost always there are students who help to arrange it. >> hugh dare you, my child was attacked from behind. >> reporter: trini lopez said her daughter was viciously attacked at hogan. >> it took two months for you guys to apologize for you and someone to get ahold of me. >> reporter: them patricia. >> my daughter autumn in fifth grade at cooper elementary school. she has been bullied from starting there and is in therapy from wanting to kill herself. she's 10. >> reporter: and mary whitney. >> nothing is being done. where's the supervision? there's no supervision. you know what the solution is? children kept in the office at lunch and recess. you are telling my daughter it's not safe. and where are these boys that were bullying my daughter? outsi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3